Sunday, January 5, 2014

Business Centres Over Conventional Centres

Beginning a business is an exciting yet uncertain time, while expanding a business is a bold and optimistic period. In order to make the most at every phase of business, a smart business owner needs to be able to foresee the emerging trends, analyse their impact on business and take the right decisions to gain an impressive business advantage. Dealing with building legislation, repair and maintenance, IT, telecommunications equipment and reception services can be a very challenging and time consuming task. As business owners, the most crucial aspect of your business is serving your clients. By outsourcing all of these factors to Inhwa, you're free to focus just on your business. Inhwa business centre have many advantages over conventional leases. Let us examine some reasons why the scales are clearly tipped in favour of business centres:

Furnishing Needs:

Business centres offer interiors and business infrastructure which match international corporate standards of sophistication.  These facilities need to be created at conventional centres. Inhwa offers you a place where you can commence your business from the first day. We provide a fully furnished, managed and staffed office built in 15,000 sq ft to serve all your requirements. 

Exterior Services like Meeting Rooms, Conference Rooms:

Business centres offer other business amenities like meeting rooms, conference rooms, training rooms, etc. which can be booked on a daily or hourly basis. Conventional centres might not have the luxury of setting up a fully equipped conference room. Inhwa Business Centre gives you a resourceful key to conduct meetings and conferences. Our centres are perfect for conducting conferences, client meetings, training sessions, etc. Inhwa Business Centre provides facilities to serve your requirements. 

Space Availability:

Successful businesses need to be flexible about the space availability at a location. Owing to business requirements companies often need to add or reduce the no. of employees they can adjust at a facility. Only business centres offer the flexibility of moving from a single person office to a space for 100 or more. Inhwa Business Centre offers you unparalleled choice of space and convenience. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Focusing on CORE Business

You must have heard of the saying, “There aren’t enough hours in the day? While Inhwa Business Centre can’t promise to put more hours in a day, it can however promise to give you the extra time you need to focus on your core business. Our business centre services can handle many of the administrative burdens associated with running today’s businesses, such as processing payroll, arranging for logical partitioned and secure internet access, VoIP calling and desk phones, reception services and direct phone lines, video conferencing solutions, 24x7 surveillance in common areas, access control on all suites and many other.

One problem that really cuts into the time you could be spending on your core business is payroll processing. At a minimum, processing payroll involves quarterly tax filings, keeping track of vacation, holiday and sick time, etc. You also have to keep a record of all the increasingly complex and ever-changing human resources laws and other government regulations. Many owners of small- or medium-sized businesses don’t know that some of these regulations do exist, but our human resources specialists know and understand them better. They can help to lessen the stress these issues can cause by providing Human Resources Consultation Support and innovative programs, such as administration and Support, legal and regulatory Guidance, Human Resources consulting, etc.

Inhwa takes care of all your administrative burdens and gives you the opportunity to focus completely on your core business.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Benefits of a Business Centre

Benefits of a Business Centre

Business Centre have become the preferred Office Infrastructure provider for most small and medium sized companies in Gurgaon.  

Time Saver:

A business centre handles all the details of the workplace, so that you can concentrate entirely on your core business. You can spend your valuable time focusing on what you do the best which shows on the bottom line.

Staff and service:

The quality of staff and service is superior to that which can be achieved with a small staffed office. Things like staff vacations, personal leaves, etc. are also covered under a business centre so you can always have access to the staff you need.

Furnishing and equipment:

The furnishing and equipment in a business centre are always of the highest quality and they are regularly maintained and updated. You can have a fully furnished and equipped office.

Technical Support:

Business centres have a technically qualified team available throughout the day to take care of any glitches. This is very essential these days since there is so much business conducted online.


Internet connectivity which is very important for any sort of business can easily be available in a business centre. And another advantage is that you don’t have to pay for the installation and maintenance of telecommunication services.


Business centres are very cost effective since you only pay for the facilities and equipment you use. You are not charged for overheads.

Start-up Capital:

At a business centre you don’t have to invest in furnishing and equipment, security deposits, installation costs, etc. These costs are usually higher than our estimates. Therefore, a business centre reduces your worry of start-up capital.

Space Requirements:

A business centre involves a collaborative environment. There is no space required for a dedicated kitchen area, pantry, washrooms, etc. A shared environment reduces the amount of space required.

Support Team:

The biggest advantage of a business centre is of a professional support team. They receive and relay messages on your behalf and take care of visitors and callers.

Friday, December 13, 2013


As 2013 is coming to an end, many of us in the design world are looking forward to new creative ideas and solutions that will definitely progress in modern office design in the upcoming year. As we plan for 2014, we should glance back at 2013 and consider the trends that have had the strongest impact on how we do business in the modern world.

Open Workspace:
Open workspaces are very popular amongst clients. Open office systems incorporate several design elements such as team workspaces, shared workspaces, alternative work areas, space for large meetings/training, huddle rooms, activity space and focused workspace, etc. In the modern office, work surface spaces with a central technology infrastructure are a must.

Collective Workspaces:
Collective workspaces bring workers out of private, heads-down, doors-closed environments into an open environment designed to encourage cooperation. Collective workspaces are a very crucial element to an open workspace plan. Office designers lowered horizons in order to create more open and visible spaces. Collaborative workspaces are designed to encourage employees to get more involved and connected with each another. Workplace psychology indicates that creativity happens via collaboration, not isolation.

Competence of Space:
Personal workspaces are much smaller than collaborative ones and collaborative spaces are used munificently. By cutting back on personal workspaces and private offices, modern offices are able to expand the size and use of break rooms, lounges and breakout areas.  Designing the work environment more competently enhances the work experience and retention of employees. Open and efficient spaces create an environment that boosts creativity and connectivity.

Integrated Technology:
Without effective technology integration, collective workspaces will not work. The entire workspace must lend itself to a complete encompassing of technology. From iPad docking stations installed throughout the space to large screen monitors for Skype conferencing, 2013 modern office design trended to the integration of technology throughout the entire workspace.